What Time of Year Is Best for Remodeling Your Home?

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As the New Year gets started and planned out, homeowners may find themselves asking when it might be a good time to begin a remodeling project on their home. This is a very important question to consider when looking at the year ahead and developing a budget and timeline for home improvements. Living in Southern California definitely has its perks with regard to weather conditions, as homeowners have the luxury of being able to work on their homes year-round. However, when planning a home improvement project, there are contractor seasons you should consider in addition to the natural weather seasons.

The most popular time that homeowners book a contractor for their home remodeling needs is during the Spring and Summer months (May through September), known as the Peak Season for contractors. The benefits of getting your job done during this time are the ideal weather conditions that allow for work to run smoothly. However, there are also drawbacks to scheduling a home improvement project during the Peak Season. Due to the overwhelming demand for home remodeling, many contractors are fully booked for projects well through this time; therefore, being able to get on a contractor’s calendar may be a challenge. In addition, because there is a high demand for materials and construction work, your project may end up costing significantly higher than what you had budgeted.

A good time to start a remodeling project can be what is called the Off-Season, or the periods of time that come before or after the Peak Season. Off-season months in Southern California would include October, November, March, and April. Although a job may be delayed by bad weather, consider that these less hectic months for contractors can lead to better discounts in purchasing materials. Many manufacturers try to get rid of stocked product in preparation for a new season or new product lines. If a homeowner can get in at the right time, they can save hundreds on material costs alone.

Lastly, there is the Low-Season of the year for contractors. Generally, this period is well into the winter season (December, January, and February), where many contractors slow their production down due to more extreme weather conditions. If a homeowner is willing to withstand the curve balls that Mother Nature can sometimes throw our way and has a more flexible timeline for the completion of their home improvement project, then they have the ability to save significantly on their job. During this Low-Season, material costs are at an all-time low and many contractors are generally willing to work out special rates to accommodate their slower season.

As the year begins, consider the time you would like your project to be completed, factor in the amount you wish to spend, and work your way backwards so you can give yourself the appropriate amount of time to do your research and book accordingly.

Here at 360 Remodeling, we strive to keep our clients well informed, while also providing you with highest level of professionalism and a quality of work that is backed by a full, Lifetime warranty. Our 360 representatives are always available to assist through your home improvement project. So give our office a call now to set a no-cost, no-obligation, in-home consultation with one of our certified professionals. And remember to ask us about our limited New Year, New Home specials!





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