What Exactly is Our 10-Step Exterior Coating Process?

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At 360 Remodeling, Inc. we pride ourselves in creating beautiful, long-lasting exteriors with our exclusive 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® heat-reflective exterior coating. This can be attributed to a thorough 10-step Exterior Coating Process that we follow closely for every single coating job


This 10-Step Process not only streamlines our exterior coating projects, it also provides a system that ensures the quality of the job is maintained throughout the duration of the project. In addition, by configuring our installation process into 10 steps, homeowners have the unique ability to recognize which step of development their home is in.

1. Inspection: When beginning the coating process, we perform a certified inspection in order to examine the home, and measure the exterior surfaces. Once the inspection is completed, we assess the requirements, and inform the homeowner of the expected timeline and what will be happening next.

2. Trenching: An important step that we take prior to application is trenching the perimeter of the home to remove dirt and gravel from the base. In addition to providing a clean, full surface to work on, trenching prevents capillary action. Capillary action is the process of water seepage into areas without the assistance of gravity; much like how a sponge and other porous materials absorb moisture. By preventing capillary action, we can ensure that our 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® product will be applied correctly, and that the seal between the wall and the coating will be secured.

3. Hydro Blast: Before application, we Hydro Blast the surface of all the exterior walls. This is done by using a high-pressure water system to remove dirt and debris from the surface, so that the coating will have a clean, secure bond. In addition, with Hydro Blasting, any areas of the wall that have damage will be exposed and prepped for repairs.

4. Repairs: Often times, when your home is ready for a new coat job, our inspectors may notice areas that are in need of repair. We will take it upon ourselves to properly fix those troubled areas by replacing any rotted wood and reapplying superior bonding and patching materials to joints, corners, edges, and areas around doors and windows. We will not proceed with applying 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® until we are certain the wall surface is in the right condition to properly adhere our exclusive coating materials.

5. Masking: Once we are ready to apply our coating, we take our time to protect the surrounding areas of your home. We apply coverings to all windows, doors, pools, shrubs, and any other nearby objects. By masking these items, we prevent any over-spray that could potentially damage or affect your property’s aesthetic appeal.

6. 1st Application: The first application that we apply to your home is an adhesive bonding layer that acts as a primer and sealer. This thick coating helps to weatherproof all masonry and most wood surfaces; while also giving the 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® material a secure foundation to bond onto the wall.

7. Re-Inspection: Once the bonding layer has dried and cured thoroughly, we re-inspect your home’s wall for quality assurance. We make sure that all areas have been applied evenly and maintain a uniform appearance. If any areas need touch-up, we will do so before moving on to the next steps.

8. 2nd Application: During our second coating application, we begin to apply our exclusive 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® with Cool Life additives. This material also contains a fade-resistant ingredient that helps protect the longevity of the home’s exterior color. We spray our coating materials with equipment that has been customized and certified to handle our exclusive product.

9. 3rd Application: Our 3rd application is where we concentrate our efforts on those tricky areas that need hands-on application, known as Trim Coating. These areas usually include window frames and door frames. In addition, we apply our coating to external window grids and fascia boards, using either satin or semi-gloss, depending on the desired look.

10. Clean Up/Final Inspection: Once we complete the coating of your home, it’ll take some time for the product to cure entirely. Our crew members will then begin to clean up and remove all job-related debris from the home. Lastly, our foreman will perform a walk through with the homeowner to ensure that the job has been completed thoroughly, and to the homeowners’ liking. The foreman will then ask the owner to sign a certificate of satisfaction so that both parties are in agreement.

Our exclusive 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® with Heat-Reflective Technology, applied with our 10–Step Process, can greatly improve your home’s appearance while also providing protection against the sun, water damage, and unwanted high energy bills.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the product or the application process, feel free to give us a call, and one of our representatives will gladly assist you, and if you’re interested, they can set up an appointment to perform the initial inspection of your home.

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