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Telltale Signs of Deteriorating Exterior Walls, Roofs, or Windows

As a home ages, it is important for the homeowner to start examining it on a routine basis. Doing so will help maintain a clean and reliable home, keep the family safe and protected, and extend the life of the home for many years to come. In examining ...
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PACE-ing Your Home Improvement Projects

In recent years, there has been increasing concern about energy consumption as it relates to the environment, and more specifically, energy efficiency within the home. Up to 75 percent of a home’s energy consumption is directly correlated with its heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Because these ...
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What Time of Year Is Best for Remodeling Your Home?

As the New Year gets started and planned out, homeowners may find themselves asking when it might be a good time to begin a remodeling project on their home. This is a very important question to consider when looking at the year ahead and developing a ...
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Selecting the Right Contractor for your Home Improvement Project

As homeowners, we take pride in our home’s appearance and condition, and we do our best to keep it well-maintained throughout the years. And if you haven’t already done so, you will surely at some point find yourself in a position that will require you to hire ...
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Your Home & Mold Awareness

Although California seems to be in an endless drought, the winter season is upon us and there are several concerns to keep in mind. One concern that every home owner should be aware of is mold contamination and the damage it does to our home and health ...
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Energy Efficient Windows & Doors by Anlin Window Systems

Nearly 50% of the 110+ million homes across the United States are still fitted with outdated windows that contribute to upwards of a 35% loss of a building’s energy efficiency. By simply renovating your existing windows around your home, can save thousands in energy bills while also ...
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What Exactly is Our 10-Step Exterior Coating Process?

At 360 Remodeling, Inc. we pride ourselves in creating beautiful, long-lasting exteriors with our exclusive 360 Elasto-ArmorCote® heat-reflective exterior coating. This can be attributed to a thorough 10-step Exterior Coating Process that we follow closely for every single coating job. This 10-Step Process not only streamlines ...
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360 Elasto-ArmorCote® Heat-Reflective Exterior Coating System

As a homeowner, one of the most important items to maintain are the exterior walls that protect your home. The walls of your home help insulate it from environmental heating and cooling changes, maintaining its desired temperature range. They also provide structural stability to the home. In addition to the ...
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When Should I Be Concerned About My Roof?

Whether you are a first time home owner, 20-year owner, or looking to renovate and re-sell houses; a roof is one of the most important components that help protect a home against the elements. Also, by replacing and improving that old roof, you could give your home added curb appeal ...
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