360 Elasto-ArmorCote® Heat-Reflective Exterior Coating System

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As a homeowner, one of the most important items to maintain are the exterior walls that protect your home. The walls of your home help insulate it from environmental heating and cooling changes, maintaining its desired temperature range. They also provide structural stability to the home. In addition to the function your walls serve for your home, they are also one of the first aspects that visitors or prospective buyers take notice of. Because walls are the largest structures of your house, it is key to maintain consistent upkeep to provide your home with the best protection available.

Homes are traditionally constructed and coated using stucco style treatment that is then covered by a standard base paint. However, as the home ages, the walls begin to show signs in as little as 5-8 years. As environmental concerns became a rising issue, EPA regulations banned the use of lead and oil-based paint products, leaving consumers with limited options. The most commonly selected method for painting homes are the industry standard latex based paints. Although they may initially seem like a cheaper route, latex paints can start to cause issues shortly after application. As you live in your home, moisture from daily activities builds up, and with latex-based paints, the moisture is restricted from breathing out of the home properly. Preventing moisture from escaping creates an environment that is suitable for mold to establish itself. In addition, as moisture builds up within the walls, the integrity of the stucco, wood, and plaster becomes compromised, eventually leading to deterioration.

However, by applying our exclusive 360 Elasto-AmorCote® coating, you can be sure that your exterior walls will be protected and will not require any additional maintenance. 360 Elasto-AmorCote® is an elastomeric-based product that uses a state-of-the art resin that allows up to 3 times elongation; which, with the earth’s frequent movement, temperature changes and structural settling, plays an important role in preserving your home’s integrity. Available with COOL LIFE® Heat-Reflective Technology, our coating helps deflect the sun’s rays, and keeps the home cooler and your energy bills lower. With our extensive 10-Step application process, your home can easily become protected while extending its longevity. Coupled with a limited lifetime warranty, your home will be protected from any future chipping, cracking, flaking, or peeling.

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